Unity and Loyalty Project


As part of the Unity and Loyalty project the Friends of Chippenham Museum have compiled a database of those who were involved in the WW1 Red Cross Hospital in Chippenham.

Here are the links to the databases:

WW1 Red Cross Chippenham Hospital Female Staff Database

WW1 Red Cross Chippenham Hospital Male Staff Database

We are now asking for your help. Our aim is to complete a pen picture of each person who served at the hospital, which will be presented to the museum as a permanent record available to future researchers. No official record of the hospital staff exists.

To help us we ask that should you recognise any of the names on the database, either as a relative or through other research, you let us know and if possible share any information you have to “flesh out” the names we have. A picture would also be very welcome, which would help our linked project identifying photos in the museums collection.

If you are able to help please either write to:

Unity & Loyalty Research Coordinator

Friends of Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre

Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre

10 Market Place


SN15 3HF

or e mail the Friends of Chippenham museum at  cmhcfriends@gmail.com